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Warning Social Distancing In Progress Decal

Introverts unite! Let everyone know to stay away!

Size: 10in x 3in


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How to apply your decal

  1. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol, or just soap and water. You want to make sure the surface is clean to get the best adhesion. Decals will apply best to flat, smooth surfaces like glass, smooth metal, and plastics. The smoother the surface the better. We want to make sure we clean away any dust or grease.
  2. Prepare your decal. Use a squeegee and apply firm pressure and rub the transfer tape to the decal. This will make sure the design is fully adhered to the transfer tape. For smaller decals we can place the design face down on a hard surface, and peel the backing paper away from the transfer tape. Take your time with this part. If any piece of the design isn’t sticking to the tape, push it back down and give it another rub. Try a different angle, and repeat until the backing paper and transfer tape are fully separated with the design on the tape.
  3. Line up the design and release tention so that the tape curls and the middle of the design is arching towards the surface you want to apply it to. Make contact starting in the middle, and slowly and evenly apply the decal onto the surface. Once fully applied, give it another rub down with the squeegee.
  4. Remove the transfer tape. The adhesive on the transfer tape is weaker than the adhesive on the decal, so the design will stick to the applied surface and the tape is removed, leaving your design on the surface.

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